Salt Damp Case Study: Fiona from Adelaide

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Salt Damp Case Study: "Professional, Punctual and High Quality Workmanship".

In this month’s salt damp case study, we’re thrilled to share the story of Fiona, who turned to TechDry SA to solve a challenging salt damp problem in her historic 1890 stone house. Her experience is not just a success story; it’s a guide for anyone facing similar issues.

Fiona’s Challenge with Salt Damp

Five years ago, Fiona noticed worrying signs of salt damp in her home. This common issue in older properties was causing rapid deterioration, which became increasingly unsightly. Concerned about the potential damage, Fiona knew it was time to act.

After unresponsive experiences with other companies, Fiona heard about TechDry SA through a friend’s recommendation. Our free inspection and comprehensive quote process provided her with much-needed reassurance and clarity about the issue.

Choosing the Right Solution

Fiona chose TechDry SA for our efficiency, affordability, and the straightforward process we offered.  We quoted to install a new damp-proof barrier at the base of her walls as it was missing in most areas, likely due to the age of her home. And then a further 6 months later, our stonemasons attended to replace damaged bricks and much-needed mortar repairs.

 “It needed to be done, and TechDry SA made it seem manageable,” she said. “it wasn’t too expensive, and it was not a long process. Neil, who came out for the free inspection was most reassuring”.

Our team worked diligently to accommodate Fiona’s needs, ensuring a smooth and thorough process. “The experience was fabulous,” Fiona recalls. “They were professional, punctual, and the workmanship was of high quality. The  tradespeople were brilliant , worked well together- put up with our puppy, and did a wonderful job”. 

Fiona’s Ratings & Recommendation

Fiona generously rated us 5/5 across all service categories, including cleanliness, customer service, and punctuality. She highly recommends TechDry SA for anyone struggling with salt damp, highlighting our professionalism and quality workmanship. 

Fiona’s story is a powerful reminder of how the right approach can effectively resolve even the most daunting home maintenance issues. We’re proud to have been able to help Fiona and many others like her.

Are you experiencing salt damp in your property? Don’t let it continue to deteriorate and become unsightly; instead, get in touch with TechDry SA today for a free inspection and professional advice. 

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