Stone and Brick Repairs

Trust Tech-Dry SA to undertake your stone and brick repairs

Stone and Brick repairs are our speciality.

Trust Tech-Dry SA to undertake your stone and brick repairs and restore your home to its former glory.   Our growing team of qualified stonemasons and brick layers will look after all aspects of your  home restorations and salt damp repairs.

Our staff have years of experience in Adelaide, The United Kingdom and Europe.  They are not just specialists in salt damp repairs but can also perform a wide range of masonry tasks on your home. These will help to improve it structurally and enhance it’s original and heritage feel.

Our stonemasons have a passion for the conservation of South Australia’s heritage.  They firmly believe that it is “irreplaceable and precious”. With a wealth of experience they are able to undertake all projects from small to large and both residential and commercial.

They are experts in sourcing stone locally, increasing sub floor ventilation, matching authentic lime mortars and ensuring that any structural improvements change the existing fabric as little as possible.

Our stonemasons can undertake the following services:

Stone and Brick Re-pointing.

Our stonemasons can quote to re-point your salt damp affected areas or to fully repoint your wall. They are experts in lime mortar and colour matching to ensure that your home maintains the same look overall.

Brick and Stone Undersetting.

Sometimes a wall has decayed too badly for us to drill into and therefore a chemical treatment cannot be used. However, we are still able to repair these by undersetting them. Undersetting involves the removal of all salt affected stones and/or bricks. A plastic damp proof course is then placed at the base of the wall and the wall is then rebuilt with new or reclaimed materials. This process is considerably more involved and needs to be done in stages to protect the structural integrity of your wall.

Stone and Brick Replacement.

Often stones or bricks have begun to disintegrate or erode over time due to the effect of salt. Once a new damp proof course has been injected our masons are able to remove and replace these damaged areas which not only removes excessive salts but also restores your walls to their former glory.

Other other services include:

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