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Stonemasons Adelaide: Preserving Our City's Heritage Through Expert Stonemasonry



The age-old craft of stonemasonry is not just a trade but a vital part of preserving Adelaide’s rich architectural heritage. Tech-Dry SA specialises in the restoration of older stone and brick properties. Our team of highly experienced stonemasons is committed to contributing to this tradition and preserving Adelaide’s unique and beautiful buildings.

What is a Stonemason? What Does a Stonemason Do?:

A stonemason is a craftsman that has been around for centuries.  They focus on the construction, conservation, and repair of stone and brick buildings.

Our Team’s Expertise and Experience:

Our team at Tech-Dry SA comprises experienced stonemasons who have been instrumental in restoring iconic heritage buildings in Adelaide, including Hotels, Railway Stations, Stables, Rotundas, Churches and Halls. But our favourite work – is the stuff we do in your homes. We work on restoring your home from the base of the walls all the way up to the chimneys, ensuring that each stone tells its story of the past. Our focus is on preserving the original character and integrity of these historic structures. Our masons are experts in matching lime mortars, replacing bricks and stones, sacrificial treatments and increasing sub-floor ventilation. 

Why Choose Us for Your Stonemasonry Needs:

We understand the nuances of working with heritage properties. Our team’s ability to source replacement stones and bricks identical to those used 100+ years ago, coupled with our reasonable charges and professional work ethic, makes us a preferred choice for stonemasonry in Adelaide. We work for you and will undertake as much or as little work as you need us to. No job is too small. Plus, we will work in conjunction with your architect or heritage advisor to achieve the best result possible whilst strictly adhering to heritage requirements. 

Customer Testimonial:

“Tech-Dry did a fabulous job replacing our salt-damp damaged masonry. I was amazed they were able to source replacement bricks identical to those of our 60+ year-old house. Their charges are very reasonable, and the work was performed in a timely, professional and efficient manner.” Rita – Unley 

As leading stonemasons in Adelaide, Tech-Dry SA is committed to the conservation of our city’s historical buildings. Our passion for stonemasonry is not just about restoring structures but about keeping Adelaide’s history alive. Contact us for a free inspection and quote on your masonry repairs to ensure your heritage property stands proudly for generations to come.

5-Point Summary of the Stonemasons Adelaide Article:

  1. Stonemasonry in Adelaide plays a crucial role in preserving the city’s historical architecture.
  2. Our team specialises in the restoration of heritage properties, maintaining their historical integrity.
  3. Our stonemasons at TechDry SA have contributed to the conservation of notable Adelaide landmarks through expert stonemasonry.
  4. Our experience and expertise in sourcing matching materials for old structures sets us apart. 
  5. Tech-Dry SA is dedicated to preserving Adelaide’s architectural heritage with skilled stonemasonry.
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